Healthier and more sustainable, low carbon cities with improved air and water, less pollution and waste, better-designed buildings and public spaces, and clean transport are most needed for the developing Asia. While the transition to low carbon development may be the most challenging phase, it also presents numerous opportunities. Developing countries in the Asia-Pacific region, whose energy systems, resources and infrastructure are based on the traditional foundation, need new technologies, new policies, new financing tools and new partnerships.

On September 22nd, 2015, a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on cooperation to promote climate technology development and deployment was signed by ADB and the Hunan Development and Reform Commission (Hunan DRC) in Changsha, Hunan, PRC. As agreed in the MOU, both sides jointly hosted the first Asia-Pacific Forum on Low Carbon Technology from October 19th to 21st, 2016 to promote international cooperation on LCT. The Forum was successfully held and has largely promoted LCT cooperation and investment.

ADB is currently implementing a Program “Low Carbon City (LCC) Pilot”, to support the PRC in the effort towards honor the ambitious commitment under the Paris Agreement of UNFCCC of peaking the GHG emission by 2030 or earlier. ADB and the Government have reached the agreement to provide loans to China’s LCC pilots during 2017-2019.


Following the success of the first Asia-Pacific Forum on LCT, ADB and Hunan Provincial People’s Government will co-host the second Asia-Pacific Forum on Low Carbon Technology on November 29th and 30th. The main purpose is to introduce the most advanced LCTs and exchange global experience and lessons learned in LCT innovation and investment, thus boosting the LCC development.

Through the main sessions, roundtable disccusions, bilateral talks, LCT exhibition and other forum activities, this Forum will cover four themes: (1) practical policies for LCT investment, (2) innovative financing instruments for LCT investment, (3) roadshow of promising and feasible LCTs, and (4) innovative partnership for LCT cooperation. The Forum will showcase global, regional, and national success stories and experiences in promoting the LCT development and investment, stimulating partnership and cooperation in this sector, and boosting both North-South and South-South transfer of LCTs.

Sponsors and Organizers


▪ Hunan Provincial People’s Government, PRC

▪ Asican Developmet Bank

▪ National Center for Climate Change Strategy and International Cooperation, PRC


▪ KfW


▪ Ping’An Bank


▪ Asia-Pacific Climate Technology and Finance Center, ADB

▪ Hunan Innovative Low Carbon Center, PRC

Supporting Agencies:

▪ China Energy Conservation Association


▪ ADB Regional Knowledge Sharing Initiative (RKSI)









Time Activity Speakers

8:00 ~ 9:00

(60 minutes)


9:00 ~ 11:00

(120 minutes)

Opening Plenary


9:00 ~ 11:00

(120 minutes)

Part 1: Welcome Remarks(30 minutes)

Representative from Hunan Province (PRC) 

Representative from Asian Development Bank

Representative from Ministry of Finance (PRC)

Representative from Ministry of Ecology and Environment(PRC)

Part 2: Keynote Speeches(60 minutes)

Charlotte Roule, Chief Executive Officer, ENGIE China (confirmed)

National Keynote Speaker

Technical Keynote Speaker

Part 3:Special Events(30 minutes)

Signing Ceremony(15 minutes)

Awards for Asian New Energy Leaders(5 minutes)

Showcase of Cleantech Startup Competition Winners(5 minutes)

Awards Ceremony(5 minutes)

11:00~ 11:20

(20 minutes)

Morning Break

11:20 ~ 12:30

(70 minutes)

Plenary 2: 


Yongping Zhai, Chief of Energy Sector Group, ADB

Part 1: High Level Plenary Panel Discussion

Panelists :

•  Ji Zou, President of Energy Foundation China

•  Wolfram Erhardt, Country Director China, KfW

•  Sandra Retzer, Head of Sustainable Urbanization Transportation and

Energy Cluster, GIZ China

•  Wang Jin, Director, Institute of International Energy, International

Cooperation Center, National Development and Reform Commission

Part 2: New Energy Leaders Discussion

Panelists :

New Energy Leaders

12:30 ~ 14:00

(90 minutes)

Lunch Break

14:00 ~ 15:30

(90 minutes)

Parallel Session 1: Transport 



Robin Hughes, Founder, Clean Vehicles Solutions Asia

Parallel Session 2: Green Buildings

Organizer : Hunan University


Mark Lister, Former Head, Copenhagen Centre on Energy Efficiency

Parallel Session 3 :Circular Cities: Creating Low Carbon Urban


Organizer : ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability


•  Som Narayan, Co-founder, Carbonlites

13:45 ~ 15:45

(120 minutes)

Parallel Session 4: Co-Benefit Research of Pilot on
Carbon Emissions Reductions and Air Pollution  Control

Organizer : Energy Foundation China & The Institute for Sustainable Communities


•  Hu Tao, Director, China Program, World Wildlife Fund (WWF)

15:30 ~ 16:00

(30 minutes)

Afternoon Break

16:00 ~ 18:00

(120 minutes)

"Hot Pot" Sharing Session--- Technology (World Café Style)

Technology companies host a table and present what they are looking for to

potential partners. Mix of local and International Companies.

Participating organizations:

•  Sinocome-Wanke

•  Sietse Agema, Chief Technology Officer, AWECT (Netherlands) and

Harvey Luo, Kangda (PRC)

•  Som Narayan, Co-founder, Carbonlites

•  Anjal Niraula, Managing Director, Gham Power (Nepal)

•  Thida Kheav, Co-founder and CEO, Solar Green Energy (Cambodia)

•  Min Chan Win, Managing Director, Myanmar Eco Solutions (Myanmar)

18:00 ~ 20:00

(120 minutes)

Welcome Banquet

(Chair: TBC)

Time Activity Speakers

8:00 ~ 9:00

(60 minutes)


9:00 ~ 10:30

(90 minutes)

Parallel Session 5: Regional Technology Cooperation

Organizer: ACCA21


Sasank Goli, Principal Consultant, Ecogy Cleantech


•  Zhang Jiutian, Professor, Beijing Normal University

•  Shen Yiyang, (title and organization TBC)

•  Dong  Guofeng,  Director  of  International  Cooperation  Division,

International Center on Small Hydro

Parallel Session 6:Clean Heating and Cooking

Organizer: Building Energy Research Center, Tsinghua University (PRC)

Parallel Session 7:Low Carbon Industry Parks

Organizer : Green Development League of National Economic & Technological

Development Zone (NETDZs) and Hunan International LCT Exchange Center



Parallel Session 8:Carbon Market


Renhu Tang, General Manager SinoCarbon Innovation & Investment Co., Ltd


•  Juntao Zhang, Deputy Secretary General, ACET-CECA

•  Zhiqiang Xu, former Deputy Director, National Energy Conservation



•  Zhongkui Song, Secretary General, China Energy Conservation

Association – Case Study

•  Sheng Zhou, CEO, International Copper Association

•  Ongonsar Purev, Senior Environment Officer, Mongolia Resident

Mission, Asian Development Bank

•  Renato Roldao, Consulting Director, ICF China

10:30 ~ 11:00

(30 minutes)

Morning Break

11:00 ~ 12:30

(90 minutes)

"Hot Pot" Sharing Session---Platforms (World Café Style)

Finance institutions, platforms and others host a table and present their services and projects to potential partners.

Participating organizations:

•  Jane Mo, Head of International Department, Hunan Innovative Low

Carbon Center

12:30 ~ 14:00

(90 minutes)

Lunch Break

14:00 ~ 16:00

(120 minutes)

Plenary 3: Green Finance Delivering Projects


Andreas Honcamp, Principal Project Manager, Sector Division Urban

Development and Mobility East Asia, KfW Development Bank


•  Huang Biao, Senior Investment Specialist, Private Sector Operations

Department, Asian Development Bank

•  Peter Ling-Vannerus, Chief Representative, Skandinaviska Enskilda

Banken AB

•  Ernest Navaratnam, Chief Executive Officer, CENERGI Malaysia

16:00 ~ 16:30

(30 minutes)

Afternoon Break

16:30 ~ 18:00

(90 minutes)

Closing Plenary
Part 1: Summary of plenaries and track sessions (20 minutes)
Part 2: Closing keynote (40 minutes)
Part 3: Closing remarks (30 minutes)





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